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Omega men from the late 1960's-early 70's at the 90th Anniversary Reunion.


We received the following information through this website. We're pleased to share all of the accomplishments of our alumni, like Dr. Richard Benkin, Omega chapter, who created this timely new book, "What Is Moderate Islam?".‚Äč

"I am the creator of the book and its concepts; and the overall philosophy that informs it.  So, in a sense, there's part of me in every chapter.  More specifically, however:

-I am the author of the initial, introductory chapter, "Who is a Moderate Muslim"; and of the final chapter, "The Myth of Bangladesh as a Moderate Muslim Nation."
-Chapter 8:  "Being Pakhtun: Interview with a Muslim Female Living in Exile," is an interview I conducted with a Muslim woman living in exile from Pakistan.  She has real security concerns, so I included her this way, making sure not to leave clues by which she can be identified.
-Chapters 5 & 7, are by individuals with very limited English.  I largely wrote their chapters, making sure to include each one's "voice" in the final product.
-Chapters 1-4, 6, 8, & 9 contain a range of edits by me from minimal to significant.

Finally, all of this comes out of more than a decade of being on the "front lines" in Asia, from remote villages to large cities and capitals, battling both human rights abusers and the enemies of our great nation."

We remember Jerry Krader. Click this link for Don Benn's speech on Jerry's passing.

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Your stories wanted! if you have an sar-related story to share here, please submit at the link below. we'll change the names, if requested.

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Past President
PSER Stuart Discount  (Zeta Tau 70)  

South Florida Reunion

The Sigma Alpha Rho South Florida Alumni had an enjoyable day reminiscing about the great times in SAR while at the Westchester Country Club in Boynton Beach, Fl on Sunday , February 21, 2016.

Brother Mike Jacobs, Zeta Iota 1952, once again did a great job coordinating the event and special thanks to Bro. Pete Sody, Theta Epsilon 1942, for his tireless effort in making telephone calls to remind us about the alumni brunch. By the way, Pete Sody still wears his official SAR ring that he purchased while an active brother.

All of the brothers in attendance had an opportunity to re-introduce themselves. Past Supreme Exalted Ruler Ed Dubinsky, Sigma 1950, commented that he was thankful to SAR because it "taught him everything". Brother Elliott Slotnick, Alpha Sigma 1958, echoed Ed's thoughts and also noted that he is sorry that kids today do not have the same opportunities that we had while active brothers.

Brother Gary Katz, Delta Theta 1965,spoke about the very successful 50th anniversary alumni weekend that he organized for his chapter. PSER Fred Ratner, Theta 1968, made a special trip from Philadelphia and shared information about the 100th anniversary in Philadelphia in October 2017.

It was obvious from the personal comments how much of a positive impact SAR had on the lives of all of the brothers present. The recollections of the good times, great friends and hands on experiences that made all of us who we are today was a heart warming experience. Every brother in the room shared a special thought and as the brothers read this small recap of the day, I encourage you to send an article to Brother Steve Greenberg, our Alumni Association President, and let him know how important SAR is to you still today. I am sure Steve would enjoy hearing from you.

We left the room after a few hours of comaraderie and a few good laughs looking forward to our next South FL Sigma Alpha Rho gathering on February 19, 2017.

If you spend the winter in South Florida or just a couple of days and you did not receive our invitation, please contact me at jhollander1(at)yahoo(dot)com or 814.931.7473 so we can add you to the list.

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